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Our graphic designer Christine Weighill was born* and raised in Grande Prairie. She understands the needs of the GP business owner and works quickly and efficiently. She graduated from NAIT and has been working in the graphic design field since. With clients such as the Grande Prairie Tourism Association, Pomeroy Group, Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning and many more, she has plenty of experience to get you what you need.

*Okay technically she was born in Fort St. John and moved here at 4 years old, but close enough, right?



We provide small scale in house printing including things like invitations, stickers, indoor/outdoor decals, pamphlets, etc. Anything larger we can send you the working files or we can send it out of house to print for you.

Business Graphics

We can design anything your business may need. Things such as websites, business cards, logos, letterheads and much much more.

Personal Graphics

From special invitations to custom decals, we can create anything you can think of. Even custom digital paintings!





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